The Dividing Line between Interpersonal and Mass Communication.

I am what people call a digital native.

I grew up with it all. The phones that can be taken anywhere. The computers that are smarter than Einstein. We share our life on the Internet with images or videos. But when does sharing our life become too much information? How do we know where to draw the line between  our real life and our Internet life? And is the line between interpersonal and mass communication dissipating?

Some people have made their livelihood on the Internet. People have made a living posting videos on Youtube. Content creators on Instagram have also joined the game and post sponsored images for revenue.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Media has definitely expanded the horizon for careers. But how about the average Joe? How has living in this digitalized world change his life?

Let’s look into the life of an average person. Every morning, you wake up, punch in the address of their workplace on their phone, and drive to work. At work, you type on your computer and send out emails. At lunch, you hear your workplace buddies talk about the dinner party you weren’t invited to. You scroll past the dinner party pictures on Instagram without liking them. At home, you decide that you’re hungry and decide to order takeout on the Postmates app. You eat your Chinese takeout while you watch Gossip Girl on Netflix and fall asleep to your favorite song on Spotify.

If your average day looks something like this, then, chances are good that the line between interpersonal and mass communication in your life are blurring. Today, we take the technology we have for granted. We don’t realize how much media has changed our society. We send texts at lightning speed and access news at the tap of a button without batting an eye. It’s all about accessibility and convenience.

So, yes, the division of interpersonal and mass communication is finally coming together. The question is; is it a bad thing? That’s up to you to decide.



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