Why Ads Annoy Me On Social Media

So it’s one of those mornings where you have absolutely nothing to do and you grab a cup of coffee to sit down and watch some YouTube videos. You’re scrolling to find the latest video from your favorite YouTuber and, when you finally do, BAM.

A freaking horror movie trailer you can’t skip.

And that’s just one of the many experiences I have had with advertisements in digital media. Advertising has gone through some major changes because of the emergence of digital technology and the same goes for public relations. So while advertising and public relations are two different things, they work together to accomplish their shared objective: selling a product.



Now advertising has been around for years. From those old 1920s Coca-Cola ads  to Terry Crews yelling about using Old Spice, the evolution of advertising is huge. Before the use of advertising in the digital world, the world only knew advertising through displays, billboards, classifieds, and et cetera. But now it’s gotten so complicated. People have become so fickle and hard to please and, because their interests are the target, advertising had to evolve along with them.

Social media has been the game changer in all this. With public relations, it’s made it a lot easier to find out an audience’s opinion on something. With advertising, it’s made the appearance of ads a lot more prevalent. I don’t know about you, but these unassuming advertisement attacks scare the crap out me sometimes. One moment, I’m scrolling through an article on Forbes and, the next thing I know, there’s a freaking Subaru commercial playing on maximum volume. Even one of my favorite social media platforms have been invaded. I remember scrolling through Tumblr and seeing the same ad six times.

Just please. No. I do not want your ugly silver shoe.

But, while these banner ads, pop-up ads, and video ads are annoying, they are effective. There are many times when I have gone out of my way to go watch a movie in theaters because I saw the trailer on an ad on YouTube. Same goes for ads from cookies. I’ll be browsing on some random site and see that one dress I want tempting me from the side of the screen.

But, even though they are effective, something has to be done about those unskippable horror movie trailers on YouTube. Because, honestly, no one wants to see that at 3 o’clock in the morning.



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