How Far Is Too Far With VR?

Everyday something new comes up in technology. The newest IPhone 7 and Apple Watch from Apple. A new video subscription service from Amazon. Virtual reality in video games. There’s even the new smartphone from Samsung that allows you to experience virtual reality anywhere!

But how much further can we go? Life has become so digitalized, it’s even been able to become simulated!

I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret.


You may be asking, “Ashli, what is this nanotechnology you’re talking about?”

Well, let me learn you a thing.

Virtual reality has widely been used by the public for video games, right? But did you know there are vast amount of uses for VR other than video games? In the military, VR has been used for training techniques, such as aviation. In education, it is used to create simulations to learn and explore new concepts, like in astronomy.

So what am I getting at?

As we all know, virtual reality equipment is relatively expensive and not everyone can afford it. But what if we could experience VR without the equipment?

This is where nanotechnology comes in.

Nanotechnology may be used as a means of pushing the boundaries and entering the digital world, mentally. If you’ve ever seen the movie, Transcendenceyou’ll kind of get the idea. Basically, you’d be uploading your brain into a computer. In a sense, immortality could become a very real thing.

But, if you’ve ever seen any of those science-fiction movies where artificial intelligence becomes sentient, then you’ll know they never have a happy ending.






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