What I Learned In The Past Ten Weeks.

Media Signpost Showing Internet Television Newspapers Magazines And Radio

I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. And I survived.

It’s been quite a ride, hasn’t it?

Throughout these weeks I’ve been taking Mass Media in Society, I’ve always had the thought in my mind: “What is the most important thing I’ve learned from this?”. It took me some time to think about this, to be honest. Not because I haven’t learned anything, but because there are so many topics to pick from.

The most interesting thing to me was actually one of the first things we learned in this class and is actually in the name of our textbook: convergence. Specifically, technological convergence. The fact that we’ve made so much progress technologically and have somehow merged news media with it is amazing to me. Print news has been around for almost three hundred years and technology, like the internet and social media, has just gotten started with a mere twenty years! The coming together of the old and new- that is what I live for.

By studying this concept, it got me thinking about how media is constantly changing. How everything is constantly changing. It made me ask questions I usually don’t ask because of the complexity of the answer.

And that’s what I think a good class makes you do. Question the world and seek the answers.

I think this class definitely accomplished that.





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